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Our Mission

To solidify, based on lineage, the ethnic identity of American descendants of slavery in the United States of America from 1615 to 1865 - Adosa.


Our Vision

The healing of our wounds through the creation of healthy communities, self-reflection, and formal redress.


Our Goal: The 2020 Census 

To spur the identity of Adosa by gaining 4 million write-ins for the 2020 Census, ensuring the needs of the Adosan community are recognized and supported.


You probably have questions.


January 1894

A man can only have one native land and that is the land in which he is born.

The native land of the American Negro is America. His bones, his muscles, his sinews, are all American.


Quote Source / Frederick Douglass


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Volunteer opportunities

Are you a writer, data nerd, pop-culture addict, political junkie and want to get involved? We'd love to have to you. 

Help us spread the word and ensure the identity of Adosa is preserved and our needs and objectives supported. Drop a line & tell us how you might like to help.