The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Annual Conference is being streamed live

The Black Woman’s Roundtable at the CBC session, #Time4APowerShift, Then Follow Black Women If You Want to Win! was one of the sessions being held at the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Conference. The conference is being livestreamed through September 15th.

The session shared the results of political poll conducted among 500 Essence readers, featured remarks from Congresswoman Sheila Lee and more.


Black women are one of the most underpolled in America. Tend to be 10% of any polling group. Important because we’re flipping states. Black women as activists increasing 10% from last year.

How do you feel about which party represents you? Last year it dropped 11% away from Democrats. This year it slid back another point. Black women who feel Republicans represent them increased to 2% and 20% believe no party represents them.

Most pressing concerns among younger women are gun violence, criminal justice and police reform. For older women it is Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Also listed is immigration reform, the Affordable Care act and foreign meddling.


Congresswoman Sheila Lee spoke on activism and poll findings and the future of our reach being leading colleges and fortune 500 companies.


“We all wish that we were further ahead but it would be demeaning of us to be so important that we cannot talk about race. And that we can not talk about it in a way that acknowledges that everything we do is impacted, affected, infected with that questions and answer of racism. We are not shamed and will not be shamed because we still talk about it” Congresswoman Sheila Lee (D)

Joy Reid talks about important races around the country and urges people to vote up and down the ballet.


Dr. Elsie Scott from Howard University shares that women are moving from activist to running for office. We know Stacy Abrams but there three other Adosa who never made it out of their state primaries within the Democratic party but received a close look.

  • Arkansas: Leticia Saunders 36.7%

  • Oklahoma: Constance Johnson 38.6%

  • Nebraska: Vanessa Ward 28.8%

Touched on the importance of supporting Adosa when in office. Recent attempts by Florida governor, Rick Scott (R) to stop a black prosecutor from deciding who gets the death penalty. Never before has this kind of interference happened.

Black women are also winning in districts that are not majority black.


Ebony Rogers, Washington Bureau Chief of the National Action Network shares that voting is a liberation strategy.


Roundpanel discussion.

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