Political Bribery or Valuable Strategy?

Credit: Roman Boed

Credit: Roman Boed

Activists in Maine concerned over Republican Senator Susan Collin’s possible vote on Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh has led to a unique place. A coalition of liberal activists in Maine have crowdfunded an unique strategy that some people are calling a bribe.

They have raised $1 million to defeat the republican senator should she cast a favorable vote for Brett Kavanaugh. The situation is made more interesting due to recently surfaced sexual assault allegations naming the Supreme Court.

“They raised money in the form of pledges that they said they would give to whoever decided to challenge Collins in 2020 if she voted for Kavanaugh’s confirmation. If she votes no, the money will never be withdrawn from donors.”

Ethics experts are split over whether this constitutes bribery or a political strategy in the wake of Citizen’s United.

For Adosa, this represents a unique strategy to support local candidates in races around the country.

Geordi Edwards